Financial Assurance

Amanah is a Sharia Advisor Licensed By The Central Bank of Bahrain. Amanah is a trusted name in the realm of Islamic financial audits and control, where integrity meets expertise. Despite being new to the market, our team boasts a collective experience of over 60 years, derived from a rich background in the financial industry.

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Investment Management

We simplify Sharia-compliant asset allocation for investment managers.

Financing Companies

We optimize product structuring and certifications for capturing diverse opportunities.

Family Institutions

Empowering Family Institutions: Partnering for Stronger Communities and Lasting Legacies.

Services & key specialties, delivered at the intersection of sharia and business.

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Sharia Compliant Governance

Establishment of Sharia governance structures, Development of regulatory policies and charters, Secretarial services for Sharia boards, Issuance of Sharia compliance certificates and product endorsements.

Sharia Consultations and Product Reviews

Sharia compliance advisory services, Preparation of regulatory policies for Sharia compliance, Product structuring and contract reviews, Investment structure reviews, Product and policy development.

Internal Sharia Auditing

Development of policies for Sharia auditing, Auditing of financial products, Auditing of policies and procedural manuals, Auditing of investment fund structures.

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